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With the cooler days and nights, a cup of tea warms the heart. You'll find the perfect pumpkin without the maze right in your own favorite cup.  Our Pumpkin Patch tea is mingled with cinnamon and a true delight anytime.  Order this Fall favorite by the truck load!


2oz produces approximately 25 servings of tea.

Pumpkin Patch

  • Organic black tea, organic cinnamon chips, organic licorice root, pumpkin pieces, cloves, safflower petals, flavor.

    • Measure 1 tsp. of tea per 6 to 8oz serving of water and place into your cup, teapot, or infuser filter.
    • Heat fresh, filtered cold water to 185-205 ºF.
    • Pour water over leaves to release flavor & bouquet
    • Steep 5 to 7 minutes.

    *Proper steeping times contribute to ultimate flavor and aroma. *Over steeping can produce a bitter taste. *To achieve a stronger brew, simply add more leaves.