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Teas for the Season!

Can you believe another year has almost come and gone? My grandmother wasn't kidding when she said time moves faster the older you get. That being said it's time to pull out the cozy sweaters, light the fire and sip into fall and the holiday season with our curated seasonal tea blends.

As the leaves drop and swirl signaling an end to summer, we at Sterling Tea blend up some perfect teas for the fall and winter seasons. This year our signature Seasonal Teas bring back some special blends like:

Autumn Harvest (Herbal Tea) Snow Angel (White Tea)

Pumpkin Patch (Black Tea) Eskimo Kiss (Black Tea)

Campfire S'mores (Black Tea) Ms. Frosty (Herbal Tea)

Sweet Apple Chai (Black Tea) Rudolph's Remedy (Rooibos/Black Tea)

Hello Holidays (Black Tea) Santa's Breakfast (Black Tea)

These teas are great to share by the fire with family and friends during the holiday season and make the perfect gift for anyone. As the gift-giving season ramps up, we've made it easy to share our holiday teas with our Holiday Tea Chest.

Our Holiday Tea Chest is a beautiful wood-grain box filled with six of our hand-picked favorite seasonal tea blends. Each tin of tea serves 12- 15 cups of pure enjoyment.

If you're like me I like to start my holiday gift shopping early. Gifting season is about to begin, and tea makes a truly thoughtful gift. But how long does tea last? Could you buy tea now for the holidays? Of course!

Loose-leaf tea can retain its full flavor for up to a year and sometimes beyond. Black teas will last the longest because they are “oxidized” teas. Herbals, green, and white teas are a bit more delicate (and are not oxidized), so they will lose flavor sooner. An unopened tin or package of loose-leaf tea will be fully flavorful and a wonderful holiday gift – even if you purchased it several months ago – or now (like me).

Some tips to share for freshness once opened, you want to store tea away from light, preferably in a tin or a zip-closed opaque container. Don’t store tea in clear plastic or wooden boxes, or in containers that let in air. Airtight and out of light – that’s the phrase that we use the most when telling people how to store their tea. I would also suggest that your tea be stored away from aromatic spices and coffee. Store your tea away from “strong, competing aromas” so that you keep the tea’s own delicate essence intact.

So, when you’re thinking about gifting, start scouting for that perfect teacup and saucer set, or a beautiful teapot. And if you’re gifting tea to a tea novice, be sure to include an Easy Infuser so they have everything they need to brew a perfect cup of tea.

Be well and Drink More Tea!



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