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S'mores Memories

Updated: Sep 7

Drooling? I know I am. Sterling Tea has come up with Campfire S'mores Black Tea. You read that right. Immediately I'm transported back to my girl scout days. Those were some of the best times of my youth.

Every year my parents would send me to camp and wow the fun. So many memories, but my favorite time at camp was around the campfire with my besties.

As we sat around the fire pit; marshmallows, chocolate bars and honey graham crackers were brought out, soon to be made into an ooowee gooey treat that went perfectly with ghost stories, make-up tips, and all-around fun. Making S'mores was an art starting with finding the perfect roasting stick. I became a pro!

Campfire S'mores tea perfectly complements those relaxing moments, and you don't need to roost around to find a roasting stick. This tea is awesome shared with your bestie. I did and she loved it. Not only did she love it, but it also brought back cherished memories. We found ourselves laughing and giggling like schoolgirls. I even brought out my girl scout sash with all my patches carefully sewed in place by my beloved mother. The feel-good connections were everywhere around me...all from a hot cup of delicious tea.

In short, find your cozy spot (in front of a fire perhaps?), brew up a cup of this organic black tea and call your bestie. Better yet, invite them over to experience a cup full of days gone by.

Get 3 Tips on How To Make a Perfect cup of Tea Here

Be well and Drink More Tea!


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