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Polyphenols! ECGC! Catechins! Oh My!

In doing my research and in my own experiences with tea, these words came up every time. I'm smart but sometimes the technical and lingo will throw me and I thought I'd write a layman's article on what these things are and how they benefit our bodies through drinking tea! I'll do a general overview. If you're super technical you can do further research by googling these terms.

I first mentioned Polyphenols in my blog "Green and Healthy" but I wanted a deeper understanding so, I headed to google and to Brenda Meyer's book The Ease of Tea which you can purchase here on our website as well as on Amazon. This is a great book with lots of great information on the wonders of tea.

Ok then, on to brass tacks as I like to say. Let's start by learning more about polyphenols. Polyphenols are by definition a category of plant compounds found naturally in many plants and foods like fruits, wine (yup!), veggies, herbs, TEA (OH YEAH), dark chocolate and spices. They are everywhere! Polyphenols act like antioxidants and basically work on neutralizing the free radicals that do harm to our bodies. Polyphenols have been studied to actually reduce inflammation in our body. Inflammation has been sourced as the primary cause of a vast array of disease. Polyphenols are our friends, going in and destroying those free radicals that want to do harm. Tea is a wonder source of polyphenols regardless of whether you are drinking black, green or white. Green tea has been the most studied and it's why we hear more about the health benefits of green tea. From Brenda's book she states that there are many types of polyphenols but it is the flavonoids that affect the flavor and feel of your tea.

This leads me to Catechins. Wow, I can barely type that let alone say it. It is these special catechins that offer the health benefits attributed to tea. These catechins are abundant in green tea which has little to no oxidation and has very little processing. Now, diving deeper it is the catechin EGCG that really sends things over the top with our health. It is known to be a strong antioxidant and is the major catechin found in tea.

This powerful antioxidant helps our bodies with so many things. Studies are being conducted on how green tea with the most of these polyphenols and catechins (EGCG the primary compound) helps with Type 2 diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimer's, and a vast array of many other inflammatory chronic disease. I was flabbergasted at just how powerful and important these Polyphenols are to our health.

So, that is our technical razmataz for now! A lot to take in so I say, just go make a cup of tea and enjoy knowing that it's working deep within for a healthy body and healthy skin!

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Be well and Drink More Tea!


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