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Hibiscus: More Than a Pretty Flower

Did you know that Hibiscus is also known as Rose Mallow? Yeah, me neither. I absolutely love our award-winning Strawberry Hibiscus and it's a staple in our house. During the hot summer months, you will find a pitcher of this refreshing and beautiful tea in our fridge. This led me to look up and learn more about this flower and found that not only are these showy blooms beautiful to look at, they are also very healthy. I'm consistently amazed by the health benefits right in our own backyard.

In researching this beautiful flower, I discovered some incredible fun facts:

  • The flower is edible! (I know right? I am now using this as a lovely edible garnish!)

  • Hibiscus flowers are also beginning to be used more widely as a natural source of food coloring (E163), and replacement of Red #3 / E127. (I'm all for natural!)

  • Hibiscus is the national flower for South Korea, Malaysia, and Haiti.

  • Tahitian and Hawaiian women can wear a single red hibiscus flower behind their right ear to let people know she is available for marriage. However, if the flower is worn behind the left ear, the woman is married or in a relationship. (Egads! I've worn this brilliant flower behind my ear many I have to pay attention to wearing it on the appropriate ear!)

  • Dried hibiscus is considered a delicacy in Mexico. (I see myself drying pretty red blooms all over my kitchen...candied hibiscus blooms anyone?)

Wow, there were so many fun facts about hibiscus I could go on, but I find that I am digressing from the main reason I wanted to write this blog which is to focus on the amazing health benefits derived from drinking this delicious, hardy bloom in tea!

Much to my delight, I discovered that Hibiscus is loaded with vitamin C and other minerals and antioxidants. Hibiscus tea also contains bioflavonoids, which are believed to help prevent an increase in LDL cholesterol, which can increase the buildup of plaque in the arteries. So, score for lowering cholesterol and increasing heart health.

Hibiscus is a natural diuretic. Basically, that means that it will help rid your body of salt and water. The sodium takes with it water from your blood, decreasing the amount of fluid flowing through your veins and arteries. This reduces blood pressure. Hello! Another boon for heart health. In fact, the benefits just to heart health were enough to have me saying, "Another glass, yes please!" I've found as I get older, anything that helps my heart stay healthy I'm all over it like white on rice.

The more I googled Hibiscus, the more taken I became with this incredible plant. I read many articles touting the health benefits and scientific studies. Did you know Hibiscus also helps with anxiety, fights bacteria, disturbed digestive and immune system, inflammatory problems, and liver diseases. It may also help speed up the metabolism and assist in healthy, gradual weight loss. I say win, win!

Sterling Tea has many hibiscus tea blends and I love them all. I'll even add a splash of club soda for even more refreshment on a hot summer day (I call them tea spritzers):

  • Strawberry Hibiscus - A splash strawberry and a spritz of orange create this award-winning herbal tisane.

  • Ruby Sipper - Juicy plum, succulent berries, and rich hibiscus capture all your senses from the first sip to the final drop!

  • Berry Mojito - A customer favorite. Sunny sweet berry accompanies crisp mint for optimal refreshment. Get your summer party started!

  • Maui Breeze - Teleport to the islands of Hawaii with the lush tropical fruits and tart hibiscus.

I love serving all of our enticing hibiscus teas to family and friends and I'm delighted to share my recipe for a Strawberry Hibiscus martini!

Hibiscus Martea-ni Recipe:

  • 1 1/2 ounces vodka of your choice

  • 1 ounce Cointreau

  • 1/4 ounce lime juice, (I like freshly squeezed or I'll leave out and add more tea)

  • 1/4 ounce Strawberry Hibiscus tea (or your favorite Sterling Hibiscus tea)

  • Garnish: Hibiscus Flower

Add the vodka, Cointreau, lime juice, and brewed strawberry hibiscus tea to a shaker with ice and shake until well-chilled.

Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Garnish with a Hibiscus flower I'll even add a few dried hibiscus flowers or a wedge of strawberry. ENJOY!

Be well and Drink More Tea!


"The best and healthiest tea is the one you will actually drink."

~Brenda Sterling Meyers

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