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Careers in Tea

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Just as there are many different types of tea, there are just as many varied ways to serve and sell tea. If you’re passionate about tea and its great ability to soothe, revitalize, and quench your thirst, you may be interested in starting a tea business of your own or adding tea to the business you already have. The business of selling tea is expanding at an impressive rate. In my blog "It's Time for Tea in the U.S." you'll see that tea is a very profitable business and there are so many ways you can make money and share your love of tea.

A tea room, coffee shop, bakery, cafe, or restaurant are businesses you can easily serve and sell tea. Tea is a great way to draw people in and give them a taste to remember. These are types of businesses that are easy to incorporate your love of tea.

Another industry to look at is the wellness industry. Are you a massage therapist, herbalist, chiropractor, or perhaps you're into other holistic healing modalities? Tea is an ideal choice to serve clients and you can even purchase and relabel it to suit your individual business. Think about greeting your clients and guests with a cup of tea to warm the soul. You can then offer to sell them a bag of your own private labeled tea promoting your personal brand.

However, you do not need a brick and mortar business to incorporate the money-making potential of selling tea. Do you attend farmers' markets or craft fairs? Why not offer them tea along with whatever other offerings you take delight in. You can serve samples and take joy as those fellow tea lovers walk away with a bag of tea you know will soothe them.

Another way to tap into the potential of selling tea is by incorporating tea into events such as in-home tea parties, traveling, or kids' tea parties. Tea is perfect to serve at non-profit events. With your own private label, you can promote your own brand with minimal start-up costs. Tea is so versatile!

If your sitting at home wondering how you can take part in the love of selling tea, why not your own online tea shop? Offering tea and accessories can be your main gig or a side hustle. Either way, your dream of selling tea and being a part of this lucrative industry can become a reality!

Contact Sterling Tea and learn how to partner with us and setting up your personal private label Tea. There are so many ways you can sample, serve, and sell the wonders of tea to everyone! There is money to be made sharing the simple joy of tea.

Be well and DRINK MORE TEA!


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