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Seasonal Teas...Get 'em While They Last!

Updated: 5 days ago

I sit here at my desk and hear the rain falling outside sipping one of our scrumptious seasonal teas. Temperatures are no longer reaching high sweat levels as temps fall to delightful levels (haha no pun intended). Fall is here with the holidays just around the corner.

As the season melds into the next, each year Serling Tea blends up something special for the fall and winter seasons. This year our Seasonal (Limited Time) Teas are no exception. It's a delight to blend up a special tea to bring forth fall and winter feels. We've got an array of flavor profiles sure to please. Don't forget, tea makes a great gift for any tea lover or even a tea beginner for the holidays!

For me personally, the change of seasons to fall and winter bring about evenings by the fire, holiday parties and spending cherished time with family and friends creating memories ...I always look forward to Thanksgiving treats and matching pajamas at Christmas and of course the varieties of Sterling Tea Seasonal Teas. If you're needing more reasons to sip a cup of tea, read my blog Thirsty? Reasons to Drink More Tea. Seriously, there is nothing better than sharing a great cup of tea with someone you love.

Along with the fall and winter comes sneeze season (ok yes, I just made that phrase up). Allergies and colds are easily remedied and eased at Sterling Tea with some of our soothing tea blends like Lemon Velvet Rooibos, perfect for easing away the cares and stresses of the day. Having trouble sleeping...Quiet Slumber will put you to sleep with Valerian Root, or try our Sterling Tea Soother tea with herbs like lemongrass, lemon verbena, camomile, hibiscus, and ginger root. Soother is just like it's name, soothing! At Sterling Tea we have what you need with blends like Ginger Snap, Teatox, and Sweet Talker, all caffeine free herbal blends. Need a pick me up? Below is a great recipe for a Hot Tea Toddy made with our Mulled Wine blend. Perfect for any night!

Hot Tea Toddy

What You'll need:

~ A brewed cup of tea (I find good robust fruity herbal teas to be best like our strawberry hibiscus or try one of our Seasonal Teas!)

~ Honey to taste

~ 1 oz Brandy, Whiskey, or Bourbon (or whatever is your personal preference.

~ Lemon wedge

~ cut Apples, Pears or Oranges slices. (they are delish after soaking in this brew).

I hope you enjoy my hot tea toddy. I even found an interesting article about the benefits of a hot toddy helping with the common cold. You can read it here: Your Drunk Aunt was right: Hot Toddy for the Common Cold Just remember to drink responsibly.

As always, brewing a great cup of tea adds to your enjoyment of drinking tea. Our 3 tips are a perfect way to get started, Sign up and these tips are yours free!

Get 3 Tips on How To Make a Perfect cup of Tea Here

Be well and DRINK MORE TEA!



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