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Beat the Heat with Iced Tea Sangria!

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

It's HOT! I'm melting! To beat the heat, I suggest having a cool, refreshing pitcher of thirst quenching tea. If you want to make it special, I love adding fruit to mine. I even found this delicious recipe that is perfect with our Tea of the Month "Maui Breeze". Try it, then thank me later!

Iced Tea Sangria

~ Brew up a pitcher of your favorite iced tea. Try our pre-measured iced tea packs which makes it super easy and simple!

~ Cut up some strawberries, oranges, and blueberries (or the fruits of your choice, pineapple is delish!).

~ Add 2 cups of either a nice dry white wine, red wine or my personal fav. Moscato. For a non-alchoholic drink, try club soda.

~ Refrigerate and add ice when ready to serve. Great for by the pool!

Tea Sangria

Back to School time!

Yessiree Bob! The kiddos are heading back and what a perfect gift tea makes. Every time the teacher makes a cup they think of the person who gave it to them. It makes a statement and is a great wind down after a long day teaching. It's how I love to unwind. :)

Also, a brewed herbal iced tea is great to put in a thermos as ours are organic and no artificial colors or preservatives! Not to mention a very healthy choice (just don't tell the kids).

I'd like to close this month's blog talking about our new Sterling Tea Easy Infuser. If you haven't gotten one, you are in for a treat! This makes brewing the perfect cup easy peezy! Made of stainless steel these are easy to clean up and don't stain. Get yours and you'll be glad you did!

I hope you all have a tea..rrific Day!

Be well and drink more tea,


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