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Back to School and a Treat for You!

Updated: Aug 9

Back to School time!

Summer vacation has to end sometime. It's hard to believe that days are already getting shorter and change is in the air. I remember being so excited to wear my new 'school' clothes and having my first day all picked out and ready to wear. Looking at it from a parent's perspective there is the rush of getting school supplies, uniforms, and preparations for a new schedule and new beginnings. One thing you can feel good about putting in your kid's lunches is tea. Brewed herbal iced tea is great to put in a thermos as ours are organic and no artificial colors or preservatives and caffeine-free! Back in my day, there wasn't a lot of variety for healthy choices to put in my thermos but now with our delicious blends, you have a healthy choice you can send your kids to school with and feel good about.

As your kiddos are heading back, what a perfect gift tea makes to show your appreciation for teachers. Every time the teacher makes a cup they think of the person who gave it to them. It makes a statement and is a great wind down after a long day teaching. It's how I love to unwind. :)

As promised here's a treat for you during these last days of a HOT summer. To beat the heat, I suggest having a cool, refreshing pitcher of thirst-quenching tea. If you want to make it special, I love adding fruit to mine. In looking for new recipes for refreshment I found this delicious recipe that pairs perfectly with some of my favorite herbal teas like Strawberry Hibiscus and Maui Breeze. Try it, then thank me later! Perfect for a little 'me' time. :)


Iced Tea Sangria

Tea Sangria

~ Brew up a pitcher of your favorite iced tea. We love making this with Strawberry Hibiscus. Try our pre-measured 1 Gallon iced tea packs which make it super easy and simple!

~ Cut up some strawberries, oranges, and blueberries (or the fruits of your choice, pineapple is delish!).

~ Add 2 cups of either a nice dry white wine, red wine, or my personal fav. Moscato. For a non-alcoholic drink, try mixing with club soda.

~ Refrigerate and add ice when ready to serve. Great for by the pool!


Finally, I'd like to close this month's blog talking about our Sterling Tea Easy Infuser. If you haven't used one, you are in for a treat! This makes brewing the perfect cup easy peezy! Made of stainless steel these are easy to clean up and do not stain. Click on the Video to see how easy it is to infuser a soothing cup of tea.

Get yours and you'll be glad you did!

Till next time, I hope you all have an amazing Day! Stay safe.

Be well and drink more tea,


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