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Welcome to Steeped in Success!

Steeped in Success means you are all in.  From head to toe, you are infused

with the love of your chosen profession, your gift.


I have the pleasure of talking with my friends who have taken their ideas, dreams, and passions and took action!  Their stories may inspire and help you learn what to do and what to avoid as you ignite your desire to move your passion into a profession. 


Angi McWilliams, Sterling Tea was there from the start.  Sterling Tea had just opened its little tea shop doors in 2006 and Angi took the first pictures for the original website.  Angi and Brenda have worked together ever since.  Listen as they reminisce about the early days, how hard it was at times and what makes her continue to market and create for Sterling Tea 13 years later as the writer of the Sterling Tea blog and newsletter guru!  

Rosalyn Santos, Reiki Master is an intuitive energy healer (Reiki Master) and energy coach. She offers energy healing sessions, personal and group coaching sessions and workshops, she also creates customized meditations that incorporate energy clearings.  Learn how she started her business and how her experience as a Registered Nurse helps her to teach others how to self heal by managing their personal energy.   FB: @RosalynKSantos

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