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Tea Mastery 101 Online Program

Tea Mastery 101 is an easy to follow 5 lesson self-paced online program. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Lesson 1: What is Tea? An overview of magical the world of tea. Learn about the different types of tea, where teas come from, the difference between teas and herbs, and see why tea is the world’s most versatile beverage. Lesson 2: Black Tea What makes black tea unique? Learn about the different types of black tea and why it is so popular. (Black tea is the secret weapon of coffee drinkers who are tired of the coffee jitters.) Lesson 3: Other Types of Tea Green tea. White tea. Herbal tea. We’ll cover them all in this lesson. Where they’re grown, their characteristics, and how each is produced. Lesson 4: Mixing It Up! Learn about single origin teas, blended teas, scented teas, and flavored teas. This lesson also includes a discussion of caffeine that you might find illuminating. Lesson 5: Tea Preparation Brew the perfect cup of tea, every time. You’ll learn about bagged tea versus loose tea, as well as the the 3T formula that impacts the flavor of your cup of tea. Sit back, relax, and let’s brew something up. PLUS BONUSES! You also get these valuable bonus guides to download. *Your Guide to Herbal Teas *Host a Tea Party! *Tea's Healing Benefits




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