Fall Is On the Horizon

Moving on, I thought I'd talk a little bit about rooibos. Everyone here at Sterling Tea knows that I LOVE me some rooibos. I feel like my day isn't complete without at least one cup of orange swirl or any of our delicious flavors. But it never fails to surprise me how many of our customers don't know anything about this great little tea. Rooibos (pronounced "ROY-Bos") quite literally means 'red bush' which is what this tea is actually made from. It does not contain the more familiar Camellia sinensis plant of which all forms of tea are made. Some say it is considered an herbal tea. It has been popular for generations in South Africa and has slowly made it's way around the world. I love rooi

Tea Re-Brewed!

The new Craftea™ Maker is a fantastic machine that makes brewing tea, well, to be honest, idiot proof! You put your water, tea, and whatever other goodies (sugar, milk), press a few buttons and VOILA! a perfect cup of tea. This tea maker will brew a perfect cup of black, green, oolongs, white, rooibos and herbal tisanes! Just pick the setting you need. One of our favorite things to make in this revolutionary product is a delicious chai latte! After a few trials we perfected the recipe to our liking and I was cranking it out at the Dallas Market. It really was so easy! If you love a good chai latte, skip the lines and make one in your own kitchen with the awesome Craftea™ Maker. Just click t

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