Tea and Laughter 
the Best Medicine

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Campfire S'mores
Black Tea

Just like toasted marshmallows, chocolate bars, and honey graham crackers smooshed together, enjoy this sweet treat in your cup.  

Sweet Apple Chai
Black Tea

Sip this cozy friendship of chai spices and fall apples with this sweet twist on traditional chai.

Tea Mastery 101

Lemon Velvet
Rooibos Tea

Fresh lemon with smooth vanilla guarantees to soothe your palate with this rich and creamy caffeine-free herbal blend.


Sterling Tea is excited to share

Everything you ever wanted to know about tea!

Tea Mastery 101 is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-digest program that will teach you all about:

  • Different types of tea

  • The origins of tea

  • How to perfectly prepare tea

  • and more…


So you can…

  • Confidently try new teas

  • Share your knowledge of tea so that others may experience this versatile beverage

  • Expand your tea horizons


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