Artfully Crafted s Hand-blended s  Infused with Love


Jasmine Pearl Tea

Green Tea

Exquisite green and white tea leaves hand rolled and infused with sweet jasmine flowers. Pearls unfurl with fabulous flavor!

Lavender Earl Grey Tea

Beautiful lavender flowers grace the presences of organic black tea gently scented with bergamot and citrus. Subtle yet stout!

Herbal Spa Tea

Caffeine Free

A calming herbal tea blend of pure spearmint, lavender, chamomile and roses. Serenity in a cup! 


The Ease of Tea is an entry level guide to understanding this amazing leaf. Brenda shares her working knowledge and experiences in the tea industry to enlighten the new tea drinker as well as those who have loved tea their whole lives.  The study of tea is vast, it equates to other culinary experiences such as wine, chocolate and cheese.  This book will touch on the many benefits of this wonderful beverage and how easy it is to steep and enjoy a perfect cup of tea every day!

What's Inside:

  • Introduction of tea and its impact today

  • Discover the different types of teas & herbs

  • Learn where tea is grown and how it is processed

  • Most popular teas and herbal blends

  • How to make a delicious cup of tea every day

  • Easy ideas for your next tea party

  • The healthy benefits of tea

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Black Teas

Green Teas

Oolong Teas

White Teas

Herbal Teas

Rooibos Teas

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About Us

In 2006, Sterling Tea began introducing the wonders of loose leaf tea in a shop located in historic downtown Rockwall, Texas. It was there we attracted loyal, tea passionate clients who helped us test and tweak our unique tea blends.

Our manufacturing has expanded beyond the tea shop and we continue to create innovative blends with the highest quality ingredients. Our team cups every batch for flavor consistency which we think is a special perk! 

You can find Sterling Tea in many cafes, gourmet stores, and gift shops throughout the US.

We welcome you to visit our partner tea shop, the Tea Spot Cafe located in Rockwall TX.  

Thanks again for enjoying Sterling Tea!


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