Sip into Fall

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Autumn Harvest
Herbal Tea

A cornucopia of flavor to enjoy

the tidings of autumn.

A caffeine-free blend that is

perfect to enjoy by the fire.

Pumpkin Patch
Black Tea

With the cooler days and nights, a cup of tea warms the heart. You'll find the perfect pumpkin without the maze right in your own favorite cup. 

Tea Mastery 101

Everything you ever wanted to know about tea!

Plum Blossom
Oolong Tea

The flavors of ripe plum and

the bold aroma of rose petals

make this oolong an exciting

taste experience.

Pumpkin cup.jpg

Sterling Tea is excited to share

Tea Mastery 101 is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-digest program that will teach you all about:

  • Different types of tea

  • The origins of tea

  • How to perfectly prepare tea

  • and more…


So you can…

  • Confidently try new teas

  • Share your knowledge of tea so that others may experience this versatile beverage

  • Expand your tea horizons


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